Volkswagen Oil Change in Devon

It's happened. The change oil light has appeared on the dashboard of your Volkswagen vehicle. Is it really important to have the oil changed? When should you change the oil? What happens during an oil change? What does the oil do in your car's engine? Allow our Fred Beans Volkswagen of Devon service center to help you keep your VW ready for any adventure.

Why Should You Change Your Car's Oil?

If you have a gasoline-powered vehicle, you'll need to have its oil and filter changed regularly. The engine's oil not only lubricates the interior parts but also cleans and cools the engine as it goes. As it flows through the engine, it will begin to deteriorate, causing it to become too thick, dirty, or thin. Once this occurs, it is time to change the oil and filter. If you leave it unchanged, it will result in a much larger and more expensive engine repair.

When Should I Change the Engine's Oil?

The recommended timeline for an oil change depends on what type of vehicle you have, the type of oil it uses, and the types of roads you drive on. Most models suggest between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. If your change oil light appears before then, though, make sure to change it when recommended.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change at Fred Beans Volkswagen of Devon

If your VW vehicle needs an oil change near Wayne, PA, Malvern, Newtown Square, or beyond, we suggest scheduling an appointment with our Fred Beans Volkswagen of Devon dealership. We have certified VW technicians that can take care of any maintenance or repair issue and get you in and out of the shop in no time.